Dismantling Racism One Insight at a Time

Our great unfinished work in the United States, and the world over, is finally coming to terms with racism in authentic, meaningful, and transformative ways. At root, racism stems from deep structures within consciousness, which then get codified into repressive hierarchical systems that benefit the in-group at the expense of the out-group. In this inquiry we will do the important work of peeling back the layers of unconscious bias, laying bare the untold history of supremacy, and raise our eyes to the realization of the promise of America – a land where all are created equal.


Class Date(s): 07-10-2020 to 07-10-2020
Day(s) of the week: Friday
Time: 02:00 PM-03:30 PM-Central Daylight Time
Instructor: Peter Bolland
Term: 2020-2
Location: Zoom