George Washington -The Indispensable Founding Father

Despite a mediocre military record, not to mention starting the first world war, he became commander of the Continental Army. During the Revolutionary War, he lost more battles than he won. He didn’t write the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, and yet, George Washington became not only our first President, but is justifiably recognized as the “Father of Our Country.” Blaine Davies explores the life of George Washington, and explains why “the man who wouldn’t be king” was the one indispensable man of the American Revolution and the founding of our republic.

Class Date(s): 07-15-2020 to 07-15-2020
Day(s) of the week: Wednesday
Time: 02:00 PM-03:30 PM-Central Daylight Time
Instructor: Blaine Davies, MA
Term: 2020-2
Location: Zoom