Living Well With Hypertension

Living Well With Hypertension

This is a one time 2.5 hour session for people who have been diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure. Participants of this workshop will learn how to better manage this condition. This is a fun and interactive class.

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What topics are covered ?

  • What Is High Blood Pressure
  • How To Manage High Blood Pressure
  • Risk Factors Associated With High Blood Pressure
  • How To Reduce Sodium In Your Diet
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Current Blood Pressure Guidelines / Know Your Numbers
  • Home Monitoring
  • Taking Your Medication



Self management of hypertension

Who can attend ?

This interactive one time session is for adults who are living with hypertension or who are borderline hypertensive.

Does the program replace existing programs & treatments?

The program does not replace any existing programs or treatment. In fact, the classes enhance those provided through accredited programs often provided in hospital settings. Treatment is not altered. For medical questions, participants are referred to their physicians. If the content of the course conflicts with instructions they receive elsewhere, they are advised to follow their physicians’ orders and discuss discrepancies with the doctor.

What can I expect from the program ?

Developed at the Center for Excellence in Aging and Community Wellness, the module was piloted in the Capital Region of New York State and New York City. Data gathered on the participants included knowledge of hypertension and healthy lifestyle activities. There were also notable increases in people monitoring blood pressure at home, quitting smoking and following recommended eating plans. For some participants, there were trends over time for lowered blood pressure readings for both systolic and diastolic scores.

Some workshops may collect voluntary blood pressure readings.

Details of the program

Living Well with Hypertension is an interactive 2.5 hour educational module that uses a peer-led format similar to the Stanford Self-Management Programs. Module activities/topics covered during the workshop include:

  • What is high blood pressure
  • Problems with salt/sodium intake
  • Home monitoring tips
  • Where’s the salt, and
  • Knowing your numbers

This is a fun and interactive session with informative handouts and worksheets.

After taking this class, participants may continue on with a 6-week Self-Management Program such as the Chronic-Disease Self-Management Program or the Diabetes Self-Management Program.   Many of the Living Well with Hypertension activities set the stage for further discussion on topics such as healthy eating, physical activity and exercise, medication responsibilities, and communication with your healthcare provider.

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