Mindfulness and Exercise by Life Energy Foundation

We appreciate you recommending your members to engage in our offerings for individuals or our current programs. In addition, we provide the following workshops and presentations for groups.

Whether your population has chronic conditions (like 6/10 Americans!) or is looking to prevent them, we can customize workshops and presentations that will provide concrete practices to improve life, now.

  • Strong Bones-How to get them
  • Diabetes/Pre Diabetes-Start here
  • Essential Exercises Anywhere
  • Exercise Guidelines for Pre/Postnatal and beyond
  • Exercise & Autoimmune Conditions-Avoid flare-ups
  • Staying Positive-When life is not
  • The Magic Pill-Lose weight, look younger, have more energy
  • Learn to Decompress-And extend life
  • New Year-New Beginning-Set up for success
  • Nutrition-Given by our Licensed Nutritionist
  • Medications and Nutrition-What you need to know
  • 5 Easy Healthy meals-In 30 mins or less
  • Diabetes Type 11-Eat Right



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