Movies! The Films of Jeanie Finlay

(Until July 2) Enjoy this online movie series by the Museum of the Moving Image, featuring the audacious and innovative documentaries of Emmy-nominee Jeanie Finlay of the U.K. Taking a Goth cruise, spending time with an Elvis impersonator or members of a pantomime troupe, among others, her documentaries are full of comedy, drama, personality and a unique and refreshing point of view.

This series is the first American retrospective of this talented and idiosyncratic talent You can buy the ability to see the series online for $20 (link is here). A code will be sent via email after purchase and is valid for the duration of the series.

You can start with  Orion: The Man Who Would Be King  an unknown singer caught up in a scheme to masquerade as Elvis, back from the grave.  Individual tix are $3.99; learn more and buy tix here.   There’s a 72 hour window for viewing.