Walk With Ease 

Walk With Ease is a 6-week evidence-based program that has been proven to help people with arthritis or other related conditions reduce pain, increase balance, strength, walking pace, and improve overall health.  Participants will develop and implement a personal walking plan and receive resources for maintaining a long-term exercise routine.

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What topics are covered ?

  • Habits Of Walking
  • Arthritis
  • Pain And Stiffness
  • Self-Monitoring of Physical Problems
  • What To Do When Exercise Hurts
  • Overcoming Barriers To Physical Activity
  • Stretching And Strengthening Exercises
  • Motivational Tips And Tools
Walk with Ease program

Who can attend ?

Walk With Ease is designed to help individuals with arthritis as well as those who have other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.  This program is designed for anyone who wants to make walking a daily habit and who wants to engage in a structured walking program. This class accepts beginners and up to the physically fit.  The only requirement is that you must be able to be on your feet for 10 minutes without increased pain.

What can I expect from the class ?

No matter if you need relief from arthritis pain or just want to be active, the Arthritis Foundation’s six week Walk With Ease program can teach you how to safely make physical activity part of your everyday life.

Studies by the Thurston Arthritis Research Center and the Institute on Aging of the University of North Carolina show that Walk With Ease is proven to:

  • Reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis
  • Increase balance, strength and walking pace
  • Build confidence in your ability to be physically active
  • Improve overall health

Details of the workshop

This program is structured as a six-week long walking program. Group classes can have up to 15 participants in each class.  One or two leaders may be present at each class. The classes meet 3 times a week for six weeks (a total of 18 sessions).  All participants receive the Walk With Ease workbook which is organized in a logical sequence to help participants get ready to walk, and stay motivated to continue to walk.

Depending on the activity level of the group, the average class session length may last as little as 45 minutes in the beginning weeks of the program but may increase to an hour or more as the group improves their fitness level. The standard script suggests that the walking time progresses an additional 5 minutes each week.

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