We Cover senior fitness in the following areas:

We serve the metropolitan areas of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Our incredible senior fitness program promoting healthy living will benefit all seniors whether at home or in a community. 


  • Senior Personal Training in your home

  • Virtual Training

  • Group strength training for senior living communities, senior centers, and other senior geared programs!

  • Our group training consists of chair exercise, balance strengthening, balance assessments, full body training, flexibility, walking and gait programming and so much more! 

  • We offer an pre-assessment to locate your starting point and then we will have a post assessment so you can see your progress.

Senior strength training

GYMGUYZ is proud to be the first in-home mobile senior fitness training for the 55+ population.

  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Posture
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

As the leader of in-home personal training, we’re redefining physical fitness by bringing the workout to you, when and where it’s convenient for you. Professional and certified trainers bring the instruction, the equipment and they ensure every workout is customized for you depending on your fitness level an specific goals. Our certified personal trainers are experts in using GymGuyz methodologies, and they employ various techniques and tools to ensure that no two workouts are ever the same. We make sure that workouts are always fun and challenging.


When working with older adults GYMGUYZ is aware that the decline in strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance that occurs with aging contributes to diminished independence, diminished vitality, and increased likelihood of disabling injury.

Our trainers design programs for one-on-one or group sessions that are structured around your body and the goals you want to achieve in order to maximize results. GYMGUYZ is committed to designing tailored, effective senior fitness programs. Our Senior programs involve age specific workout components and considerations involving senior fitness methodology, nutrition, and exercise technique.

The time is now to get stronger, healthier, and live a more functionally happy life. Don’t wait, start today. Call now to schedule your FREE GYMGUYZ fitness and balance assessment. 

image006Exercise plays an important role in how we age and how to stay healthy during our senior years. Physical exercise has many benefits including lowering tension, managing stress, controlling cholesterol, reducing the chance of injury and minimizing the effects of countless chronic conditions. Experienced GYMGUYZ trainers can help you get your body and mind into shape through an exercise program focused on functional strength training, balance, stretching and cardiovascular activities. Furthermore, our virtual training sessions are easy to attend, provide one-on-one instruction, and perfect for the times.

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