Professional Organizer/ Downsizer

Changing Keys by Susan photographs your present home, so we are able to recreate rooms in your new home, if this is what you want. It is comforting to have your curio cabinet recreated, as you have enjoyed for years. All of us enjoy our nightstand a certain way, it is our desire to recreate this for our customers.

Changing Keys by Susan coordinates estimates from movers, so you are able to compare services. On the day before and moving day, Susan and her team will manage the packing, showing the exact items to be placed on the moving truck. The elevators will be reserved and the removal of packing materials will be handled by our expert teams.
Unpacking your move
Using our digital photos, tailored floor plans and a good eye. The cabinets are filled with your dishes. Wardrobe boxes unpacked. Beds made. Bathrooms set up. The best is last; we hang your pictures and make your bed.
Our de-cluttering consultants will help you create space in your home. We take pride in helping you create new space while helping retaining the treasures you have accumulated through the years.
Assistance Closing a Loved One’s Home
Messy Room
We will meet with your estate attorney or family members to estimate the job you want to accomplish in your loved one’s home.  After conducting an assessment, we will recommend the optimal close-out approach: donations, gifts, an estate sale, or a combination of these approaches.
Estate Sales
We will setup, manage and closeout your estate sale. This can be a stressful process during a stressful time. Allow us to lighten the load on you and your family, and run your estate sale.


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