My primary focus is helping people and their families with a subject I know very well – long-term care insurance protection. 

In addition, I take pride in helping my clients with strategies to maximize their lifetime income guarantees. New York Life is rated #1 in the USA for guaranteed lifetime income annuities since 2006.

New York Life 

  • Long Term Care Insurance AgentHas a 99.4% retention rate with respect to our long-term care insurance contracts due to the phenomenal value we provide.  AARP has approved New York Life to help its members as it pertains to their AARP long term care insurance options. Around 70% of Americans will need extended care services in their lifetime.
We have an exclusive partnership with AARP and have gained their trust after a very lengthy process of proving our value in the marketplace.

We are the #1 rated life insurance company in the USA, and we are very proud to help and protect all of our policy owners in fulfilling 100% of our promises.

We are a highly ethical company.  In addition, there are no fees for our superb client services.
New York Life is AAA rated across the board by all 4 credit rating agencies and we have paid dividends overall as a company in 167 consecutive years – far and away the strongest in the financial services marketplace with a $27 billion surplus. We have an exclusive partnership with AARP and have gained their trust after a very lengthy process of proving our value in the marketplace. 
We provide peace of mind for our contract policy owners. When they apply approximately 1% of their portfolio towards premiums for long-term care insurance they will protect the other 99%.
With my clients, I share the story of how my father-in-law paid approx. $450,000 out of pocket over the past 5 years for his care – virtually all of his savings and investments built over a lifetime of working around 50 years – whereas an insurance company could have paid for most of these benefits tax-free with long-term care insurance.
New York Life has the best track record in the USA over the past 30 years for keeping premiums level, and we conservatively project to pay dividends on these contracts which thus lowers premiums in future years.  The sooner that people qualify for long-term care insurance the better for purposes of premium stability.
In this way, we share virtually all of our profits with our policy owners, who own our company. This allows us to safely keep the long-term best interests of our policy owners paramount with respect to our client advisement.
In addition, we provide free of charge care coordinator to research all available resources to help families with their decisions for needed care as appropriate.

We help our clients to customize a plan which fits comfortably within their budget while protecting their families with coverage having tax-free benefits and keeping up with inflation.

What are the key decisions in designing a policy?

The cost of long-term care insurance is based on your age and health when you apply, as well as how much coverage you want and the benefit levels and options you choose.

There are five basic policy components which you select at the time of purchase:

  1. Daily benefit amount:
    1. The maximum daily amount reimbursed for facility care.
  2. Benefit period:
    1. The minimum number of years you want to receive benefits.
  3.  Home and community-based care maximum daily benefit:
    1. Expressed as a percentage of your daily benefit amount, this provides you with coverage for the assistance you need to remain in the comfort of your home.
  4. Waiting period:
    1. The number of days of paid services you must receive before benefits become payable.
  5. Inflation protection:
    1. A tool that helps your policy retain or even grow its value over time to keep pace with the cost of care.

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