DC Office on Aging (DCOA) Wellness Centers 202-724-5622

These centers offer comprehensive programs to the health and
wellness of DC residents 60 years of age and older. They serve as
city-wide health education and applied learning centers with activities delivered through classes in nutrition, exercise, reflexology, and
health; seminars; support groups and auxiliary activities; creative
arts; intergenerational programs; and peer leader training.



Ward 1: Bernice Elizabeth Fonteneau 202-727-0338
Senior Wellness Center
3531 Georgia Avenue, NW

Ward 4: Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center 202-291-6170
324 Kennedy Street, NW

Ward 5: Model Cities Senior Wellness Center 202-635-1900
1901 Evarts Street, NE

Ward 6: Hayes Senior Wellness Center 202-727-0357
500 K Street, NE

Ward 7: Washington Seniors Wellness Center 202-581-9355
3001 Alabama Avenue, SE

Ward 8: Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center 202-563-7225
3500 Martin Luther King, Jr., Avenue,


D C Government, P Street Northeast, Washington, DC, USA