Always on & Non​-Intrusive Personal Emergency Response System

EchoCare develops a non-wearable & non-privacy invasive Elderly Care Home Observer (ECHO) system, that detects various emergencies (e.g. falls, drowning in a bathtub or respiration distress) and a potential health deterioration by monitoring the person Activity of Daily Living (ADL). In the current COVID19 period, the ECHO system becomes very essential as it can continuously monitor the respiration profile of quarantined seniors at their homes and COVID19 patients in hospital. The EchoCare’s solution consists of the installed ECHO device and the cloud service that enables the transfer of the alerts and other vital data to the remote caregiver using a web based nursing call system (dashboard). Our affordable system improves the quality of lives of the senior community and enhances their at-home safety as well as reduces the operational cost of caregiver operators and health insurance companies.