premier electronic caregiver

24/7 Emergency Response:

Electronic Caregiver provides 24/7 monitoring through the most advanced and expert staffed, dual location monitoring facility in North America. Our service expedites response to emergencies, provides continuous monitoring of your system’s diagnostic and performance features, notifies responsible parties of critical health information and events, and supports the continuum of care and customer safety.

Care Plan Reminder: Premier provides personalized, monitored health plan and medication reminders. The Premier will chime to notify the client when it’s time for a care plan activity, such as taking medication. We monitor the clients’ one-touch acknowledgment of the reminder and call to check if they don’t respond. Once acknowledged, the Premier plays a simple voice message of the most immediate care plan instruction.

Activity Monitoring: Some emergencies result in an incapacitated client, unable to press a button. Electronic Caregiver monitors two critical periods during the day to identify if customers are active. If we cannot verify activity, it may be a sign that the customer is in trouble or incapacitated. We will notify responsible parties when activity routines are broken to conduct a wellness check. Activity monitoring saves lives.

Pocket MD : PocketMD is an option offered through Premier, where at the touch of a button, a customer can get connected 24/7 to a professional, qualified physician licensed in their state. A consultation can be made over the phone, from the comfort of home, and in many cases, a prescription can be called in.

GEO Location: With GPS location responders and family members can more accurately determine your whereabouts when you require assistance.