Everyday Money Management

Everyday Money Management

We serve senior citizens, people with physical or mental disabilities, people who are coping with serious medical conditions and legal agents (POA), trustees and estate executors.We offer in-home daily money management to help our clients manage their financial paperwork, including mail, bills, files, insurance claims and more.We start with a free initial consultation at your home. This is an opportunity for you to meet your Daily Money Manager and for us to listen to your needs, see your paperwork, and make an assessment of how to move forward. If you have supporters such as family members, friends or even your accountant or attorney, they are all welcome at this meeting.Once we are engaged, we visit you regularly so your finances remain current and accurate.

Seniors and Their Families

Daily money management services make it possible for seniors to remain independent and maintain dignity, while staying financially secure and reducing stress for them and their families.

If you are in charge of a relative’s finances, Everyday Money Management can help manage their day-to-day needs while empowering them to make important financial decisions with your guidance.

We monitor their accounts for unusual activity while also ensuring they remain up-to-date with paperwork and bills. We can also act as advocates and liaisons with local care managers, insurance representatives, accountants, and other professionals to ease the time-consuming burden of managing these relationships, particularly from afar.

Hire someone detail oriented, experienced, and trustworthy.

Everyday Money Management’s comprehensive, in-home and remote daily money management service helps clients organize and manage financial paperwork, including mail, bills, files, insurance claims, and more. Our systematic approach, personalized service, and commitment to client privacy and data security empowers our clients to continue living the lives they love without fear of falling behind or opening themselves up to fraud.

Bill Management

Managing bills can be overwhelming, and failing to pay them timely can lead to unnecessary fees and anxiety. Our daily money managers help monitor and pay incoming bills and quarterly taxes. We monitor your statements to catch any unusual activity in your accounts to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

Expense Tracking and Financial Reporting

Knowing what you have and what you have spent is essential to understanding your daily finances. Our daily money managers track income and expenses each month. Everyday Money Management will provide you with a monthly financial report that accurately and transparently shows you how and where you spend your money.

Mail Management

Daily mail can be hard to keep up with and difficult to recognize an important bill or notice. Our daily money mangers sort your mail to keep what is important, shred what is sensitive, and throw away the junk.

Tax Organization

Be prepared for tax time with all your important papers collected in one place. Our daily money managers organize tax documents, calculate deductible expenses, and help fill out the tax organizer provided by the accountant.

Insurance Claims Management

Insurance claims can be complex and time consuming. Everyday Money Management submits medical claims, reviews explanations of benefits, and works with Medicare and/or the insurance company to make sure claims have been paid properly. We will also help you manage your homeowners and personal property insurance.

File Organization & Management

Old papers and files are often tucked away in a closet or stacked on a desk. Our daily money managers will clean out paper files and discard or shred items that are no longer needed. We also file documents regularly, using a system that works for each individual in either paper or digital format.


We provide in-home services in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, as well as in the Berkshires (MA, CT, NY). Through our remote services, we also service clients via telephone and the internet.

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