Welcome to the Farr Law Firm, home of Certified Elder Law Attorney and 4-time Best-Selling Author Evan H. Farr, creator of the Living Trust Plus®; Medicaid Asset Protection Trust and Veterans Asset Protection Trust and one of the leading Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, Veterans Planning, Estate Planning, and Asset Protection Attorneys in Virginia, DC, and Maryland, and one of the foremost legal authorities in the Country in the field of Medicaid Asset Protection, Veterans Asset Protection, and related Trusts. Our firm is dedicated to helping protect seniors and their families by preserving dignity, quality of life, and financial security. Evan is the National Best Selling Author of 4 books in the field of Elder Law: Protecting Your Assets from Probate and Long-Term Care: Don’t Let the System Bankrupt You and Your Loved Ones, How to Protect Your Assets From Probate PLUS Lawsuits PLUS Nursing Home Expenses with the Living Trust Plus® ; the Nursing Home Survival Guide, which provides valuable information and guidance to families dealing with the possibility of nursing home care and struggling to make the best decisions for themselves or their loves ones; and Protect & Defend, which Evan authored along with a host of other top attorneys across the country. Click the video screen below to watch a 7-minute Educational Video about Elder Law and Medicaid Asset Protection Planning, featuring Evan Farr. This video, commissioned by AARP, has been seen on Public Television stations throughout the U.S. A shorter, 2-minute version of this video, also featuring Evan Farr, has been seen on MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN.


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