A Clear Path is within reach

Online Wellness & Life Coaching & Eldercare Guide

Goals you can’t seem to reach?    

Feeling foggy and unclear?

Aging Parents?    

Unable to get moving and take action?

A clear path is within reach!

Because I’ve been through the emotions and trials of becoming a caregiver for my aging mother.  I am able to help my clients navigate through the journey.  As we embark into the unknown territory of caring for an aging parent it can be confusing, emotional and exhausting.  I can work with you to develop a clear path that will help you navigate the rollercoaster of eldercare.

I believe we all need a little help when striving for that elusive balance in life. I am currently learning, again, about the importance of life balance as I am now caring for my aging mother which is full of emotional twists and turns, laughter, surprises and emergencies.  It’s all new to us and can feel difficult and awkward and are often very stressful and hard to manage.

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​The foundation of my coaching is rooted in my training through the Canada Coach Academy as well as my experience as a healer and working closely with my clients, keeping them on track and accountable. My career spans over 15 years in a Corporate environment and another 15+ years in wellness & healing.

I’m a coach and an Eldercare Guide!