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Capital Park and Wash is a DMV-based family-owned mobile detailing and washing service bringing high-quality customer service and environmentally-friendly vehicle washing and sanitizing/disinfecting services… to you!

Schedule your wash on a day and time convenient to you and… we’ll meet you where you are!

We offer multiple levels of service that are fully customizable, and with every wash, we use biodegradable, EPA-approved soap to protect the environment and help keep things looking fresh.

Capital Park and Wash is open year-round – offering services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern VA.

Our Promise

We are truly a 100% satisfaction-guaranteed business! At the end of each service, you can opt-in for the final inspection where we walk you through your service to make sure we’ve met all your expectations!

Our company can clean your car no matter where you live or work. Then, you don’t have to drive to the car wash or spend time on your driveway doing it yourself. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a mobile car wash.


You don’t have to take time out of your day to drive to a car wash and wait for the company to finish.

Instead, you can schedule an appointment, and the company will come to you.


A mobile car wash and detail service can offer a much better quality result than if you wash the car yourself.

While washing your car is also convenient, you may not get every spot of dirt.

You might also leave behind soap or water stains.

However, the best car wash can get rid of those problems and leave your car clean and enjoyable to drive.


The quality of mobile vehicle washes is also important for your health.

Your car could house a lot of bacteria throughout the year.

Pollen and other allergens can get on it during the spring.

Giving your vehicle a good wash can get rid of that residue.

When you touch your car door to get in and out, you won’t have to deal with as many issues that could affect your health.

mobile detailing


Hiring a mobile detailing service can provide a couple of environmental benefits.

For one, you don’t have to drive as far to go anywhere.

While the company will drive to you, they’re already on the road.

Another one of the best mobile car wash benefits is that professionals can save water.

They have the experience to know how much water is necessary to wash a car. So you can cut down on the amount you would use if you washed your car.

Professionals can also manage and get rid of the soap after our services. That way, the soap won’t get into your neighborhood sewer system.


You can also enjoy the benefits of traditional car wash services with a mobile service. Depending on the company, services might include:

• Body wash
• Interior cleaning
• Vacuuming
• Window and mirror cleaning
• Spray wax

Doing all of that to your own car takes time, but the spray wax is a unique benefit. Adding wax to your car after a wash can help your car look better and last for a while between car washes.


It can be a great option for busy people who want to save their health and the environment. Not only is the service convenient, but it can have the same results as going to the car wash.

If you need to wash your car and get rid of dirt, pollen, or just polish your car, consider a mobile car wash. That way, you can get your car back to looking its best.

Schedule your regular vehicle cleaning, detailing, and disinfection service, and make sure your vehicle is always clean and protected! Save up to $319 per package today, Visit: for more information.

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