We are a Medicare-certified facility that provides quality, individualized physical therapy and rehab services. We offer experience, individual attention, respect, dedication, emotional support, and friendliness. Our trained, physical therapists can assess your situation and determine the best course of treatment to get you to your best. We specialize in sports related injuries, pre-post surgery treatment, and more. We also have a dedicated facility focused on therapy for amputees and use of prosthetics.

Our Physical Therapy services help with:
Back, Neck, and Joint Problems
Work & Auto-Related Injuries
Fracture Care
Neurological Conditions
Orthopedic & Sport Conditions/Injuries
Pre/Post Surgical Care
Stroke Rehabiliation
Performances of Daily Activities
Balance, Dizziness, Vertigo and BPPV

Street: 15245 Shady Grove Rd Suite:
Rockville, MD 20850

Email: Info@montgomerytherapy.com
Web: Company Website

Business Notes:
Friday: 7AM to 4PM
Sat thru Sunday: Closed