Here at Personal Money Matters we supply our customers with:

Supporting Seniors in their goal to retain their financial independence by helping manage bill payment, cash flow, banking and medical claims, etc. on a routine basis.

Prepare Tax Records for Accountants, sometimes going back 3-4 years with complex situations requiring detailed scheduling and documentation

Supporting Clients with physical or mental conditions such as dementia, stroke, cancer, developmental disabilities, loss of sight and hearing; as well as widows and widowers and clients who are executors of estates

Implement and Manage financial systems like Quicken

Provide Financial Record Keeping for individuals and their “schedule C” businesses, real estate properties and family businesses

Develop budgets, cash flow and short-term financial plans and debt management. Work with clients with irregular income streams, clients who are accumulating assets and clients who are drawing upon assets in retirement

Facilitate re-registration of assets into Trusts and implement beneficiary changes in accordance with estate planning

Complete a Financial Inventory so that all documents are located and properly updated and maintained

Insure that routine financial matters are being completed and that areas of vulnerability are minimized. Eliminate chos due to the accumulation of financial records

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