Nothing could be more frightening than the thought of a loved one with autism, Alzheimer’s or another condition becoming lost. SafetyNet is a program of proactive involvement and specialized operations that respond to incidents of victims of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments that have wandered from home, become lost, and cannot find their way back home.

How does it work? Clients of the program wear a personal locator unit (P.L.U.) on a wristband that is assigned a specific FM frequency, and emits a tracking signal.  The police department is equipped with vehicle based and handheld locator tracking units that receive the signal from the P.L.U.

If/when caregivers notify the police department that a loved one has gone missing, the officer’s receiver is set to a specific frequency. Once in the area of the client’s last known location the receiver will detect the PLU within a ¾ to 1 mile range on the ground. The Vehicle based unit has a ¼ mile range.  Once in range, the receiver will emit a chirping sound that gets louder the closer you get to the P.L.U.  The average recovery time is less than 30 minutes.


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