RenewMe Fitness, LLC is the newest and latest approach to personal training for older adults, 50 and up. We provide In-Home Functional & Medical Fitness Training for those with limited mobility, pain and/or past injuries. Including, but not limited to, joint replacements, Parkinson’s, stroke, and those who are soon to be/have been discharged from Physical Therapy.

OUR SERVICES 1-1 In-Home Training

The in-home aspect is currently on hiatus due to COVID-19.

We can still offer virtual 1-1 training in the comfort and safety of your home!

Receive 1-1 training, focusing on improving function while a trainer carefully watches your form.

NEW* Virtual Group Training

As you know, we have had to stop all in-person training, due to COVID-19, and are unsure of how much longer this will all last. In the meantime, we have been testing a new method of training, so you or your loved ones can still get the guidance they need from a qualified trainer, all from the comfort of your own home. We are pleased to announce that it is finally ready to launch!

We are now offering Small Group Virtual Training! As safety is of the utmost importance, we have decided to separate the sessions into 3 different body positions so clients can feel safe while they participate.

  • 10am Supine (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

    • This session will focus on building core strength and improving flexibility from a completely supine position– no need to get up and down. Once you are settled on your bed or in another comfortable location you will be guided through a series of exercises that will still challenge you, by a trainer that will watch you and guide you safely into any necessary modifications.

  • 12pm Seated (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 

    • This session will work on your strength and mobility from a chair– this is perfect for individuals who may have difficulty standing for extended periods of time, but still want to work on their strength and functional mobility.

  • 2pm Standing (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 

    • This session is designed for clients who want to work on gait mechanics, weight shifting, standing tolerance, balance, and overall strength and conditioning.

Clients who sign up are welcome to join one, or all of these sessions. The more exercise you get, the better! 

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