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Karen M. Bernola is a licensed insurance agent to seniors and Medicare-eligible clients in several states. She develops and markets to customers utilizing different insurance carriers to obtain quotes based on an analysis and evaluation of the customer’s insurance needs and goals.

Karen Bernola works to educate and establish plans for a successful retirement utilizing various insurance products aligning with her client’s needs and risk level.

She specializes in various insurance products; specifically: Medicare, Health, Life, Health Matching Accounts (HMA), and Annuities.

Her previous work and educational experience includes succession planning, online learning, union benefits, management liaison, non-profit compensation, and research.

She manages her clients’ accounts and maintains contact with her clients after the application process.

She Offers Insurance Assistance to the Senior Market and families by:

She Offers Insurance Assistance to the Senior Market and families by:

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    • Establishing a collaborative relationship with prospective clients to navigate through benefit resources for the most suitable plan.
    • Distributing policy proceeds after a claim is submitted and approved.
    • Completing administrative tasks including maintaining records and handling policy renewals.
    • Describing the advantages and disadvantages of different policies to promote insurance sales.
    • Implementing marketing strategies to compete with other individuals or insurers.
    • Responding to clients’ questions and concerns about their assets and insurance.

    So, are you aware that you may be eligible to receive additional benefits?

    • Let Karen Bernola take a look at your or your parent’s health insurance and see if she can help you and your family members become more secure.

    Karen Bernola also provides Education, Enrollment, & Medicaid Recertification Assistance.

    As a Licensed Insurance Agent, she Works With a Variety of Insurers Including:

    • Aetna (DC/MD/VA)
    • Alterwood Advantage (MD)
    • John’s Hopkins Health Advantage (MD)
    • Kaiser Permanente® (DC/MD)
    • Mutual of Omaha (DC/MD)
    • United American (DC/MD)
    • Federal and State Marketplace certified

    Note: This is a solicitation for insurance. Submit your information and a licensed agent will contact you about your Medicare coverage options.

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