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care coordinators

Professional and Compassionate Care Coordinators

Sincerae, located within the Montgomery County area, effortlessly helps caregivers and their families navigate through the healthcare system.

Our Founder and CEO, Cheryl Fahlman aims to be working towards a time when a holistic approach to caring for loved ones is the rule rather than an exception.

Sincerae provides caregivers and their families assistance tackling their caregiving challenges with knowledgeable and personable senior living advisors.

With Fahlman’s influence of assisting people in steering their way through the health care system.

As care coordinators, we offer senior assistance in a number of areas including medical assistance, home care services, housing assistance, legal assistance, and financial assistance.

Senior Living Advisors are here to help in every aspect of life.

Our Founder and CEO understands the burden of being a caregiver, as her mother was diagnosed with diabetes when she was young.

She went on to have numerous other illnesses, so Cheryl grew up immersed in the healthcare system.

So much so, that she went to Pharmacy College and went on to be a pharmacist and worked in a variety of areas including hospitals, community pharmacies, and insurance companies.

She now lives far away from her mother, so she truly knows about long-distance caregiving.

She created this organization to offer services that she deemed necessary for people she wanted to help, like her mother.

Our services are there when people need them especially to help deal with the day-to-day struggles of the American healthcare system.

We offer:

  • Direct assistance by helping people organize and track medical records, prescriptions, and doctors, deal with insurance companies, and much more.
  • Referral services to pre-screened organizations such as law firms, financial advisors, movers and contractors, and other organizations.
  • Personalized research for senior living options, remote monitoring, available clinical trials, and more.

With professionals specializing in different areas, Sincerae is able to assist many people efficiently.

care coordinators

Our professional care coordinators devote their careers to improving healthcare quality at the national level by promoting rigorous, data-driven approaches to quality improvement and by engaging senior clinicians and healthcare leaders in both payer and provider segments.

With regards to medical resources, Sincerae caregivers assist seniors with understanding Medicare, its requirements, and its benefits. We provide information about eligibility, enrollment, and coverage.

At Sincerae, we understand that the use of prescription medicines has become an increasingly important part of quality medical care.

With statistics showing two out of every three visits to the doctor end with a prescription being written for the patient.

Statistics also show that nearly 4.2 billion prescriptions were filled in the U.S. in 2018.

With many drug companies offering patient assistance programs to help with the cost of prescription medications, we have senior assistance implementations that help our clients gain access to those programs.

As care coordinators and senior living advisors, we also provide health information for seniors and their families regarding medical conditions they may face and assistance and referrals to combat them.

We also provide confidential health record files for our clients and a care coordinator to assist them in understanding the contents.

  • We assign a personal care coordinator, who works with clients through a HIPAA-compliant portal that lets families communicate securely.
    • The care coordinator works with you to build a care plan and helps you select the next steps.
      • We begin creating peace of mind for you and your family.

Our high-quality home care services enable seniors to stay safe and live happily and efficiently in their loving homes.

At Sincerae, we pride ourselves in providing essential senior assistance measures that give each individual a better quality of life.

In doing so, we ensure personal and confidential advice to each and every one of our clients and offer assistance in every way that we can.

For more information contact us through My Active Senior.

care coordinators

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