The Tango belt is easy-to-wear, unobtrusive, and springs into action over the hips when sensors indicate a fall. The data that the belt captures and the constant protection provide peace of mind and motivate seniors to be more active and stay that way.

Protection, Connection, and Prevention

Protects hips during a fall
While other options put constraints on users, the Tango belt automatically senses a serious hip-impact fall and deploys airbags to provide physical protection and reduce impact force.

Alerts caregivers in the event of a fall
Along with physical protection, the Tango belt sends digital alerts to caregivers for fall notification and as well as other interventions to keep residents safe.

Looks for changes in mobility
As an optional feature in the near future, the Tango belt will gather data and sync with the proprietary app to monitor key rehab and mobility metrics like postural sway, gait speed, distance-over-surface, timed up and go, and stride time variability.

A hip protection wearable that improves safety and mobility





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