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Elder Care Services & Support

Tysons Woods Assisted Living is dedicated to providing individualized care to a maximum of eight residents in each of our living communities. As a small assisted living community, our caretakers and residents are able to develop close-knit relationships with one another, which leaves a positive impact on your loved one and our caregivers. Our team ensures a smooth transition with professional care that’s all-inclusive and affordable, which will leave you with peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving the care they need and feels right at home.

A Small Community
  • 8 spacious, private suites with en suite bathrooms in each of two homes.
  • Staff available onsite 24/7.
  • Residents and staff know each other well and form real connections.
  • Individualized care is provided based on the person and their wants and needs.
  • Security is tight. There is only one entrance. Staff members are aware of every person who enters the home.
Memory Care Available
  • Residents never have to move to a different room or a locked unit.
  • Staff adapts care to meet residents’ changing needs.
  • Residents are not forced to participate in activities that make them uncomfortable.
  • Residents interact with fewer people than in a large facility, leading to less confusion.
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Professional & Friendly Staff
  • Our founder and owner is a veteran of the hospitality industry, having owned a restaurant and worked in the dining room at a large assisted living facility. She knows how to make people feel welcome, and she knows how to nurture older adults.
  • Staff members know each resident personally and can recognize when additional care or services are needed.
  • Caregivers have the power and the knowledge to put residents’ needs first—always.
  • Staff members help residents avoid medical emergencies by providing proactive care.
  • Caregivers are all highly trained, including LPNs, CNAs, and Med-techs. There are 3 LPNs on staff.
  • All staff members are trained in dementia care.
  • We have an extremely low staff turnover rate.
All-Inclusive Facility
  • NO hidden fees or up charges.
  • Your loved one’s care needs may change, but the price will not.
  • Traditional assisted living facilities frequently add fees for certain necessities or higher levels of care.
High Staff-to-Resident Ratio – 1:4
  • We have one staff member on duty for every four residents, significantly higher than the industry standard.
  • The Administrator of the home lives on site. She is available 24/7 and knows every resident and their needs.
  • There is an LPN Care Manager on call every day, all day.
Accepting Residents with a Variety of Care Needs
  • Tysons Woods is the solution to your crisis.
  • If your loved one is about to leave the hospital, and you are worried about finding quality care, we can help.
  • We provide a safe and supportive environment for seniors who:
    • have memory disorders, including dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
    • have fallen or are a fall risk.
    • are recovering from surgery or a long-term illness.
    • are leaving the hospital and have long-term medical conditions.
    • have depression.
    • have vision impairments.
    • have had a stroke.
Open, Honest and Frequent Communication
  • Admission decisions are made by the Administrator and caregivers—not by a sales person. They will determine if they are capable of providing the care your loved one needs.
  • Caregivers communicate directly with residents to understand changes in health, behavior or medication needs.
  • Shift managers make sure that care plans are communicated effectively, so no mistakes are made.
  • Comments and complaints are heard in person and handled promptly.
All-Inclusive Daily Care

Our all-inclusive pricing structure includes every single element of care, so you know what payments to expect each month. Our team is highly trained to provide professional care that’s specific to each resident at a standard price with billing procedures that will make your loved one’s transition simple. We have the utmost respect to our elders as well as their families and pride ourselves on being transparent with them. This ensures their loved ones are obtaining the most out of their assisted living experience with absolutely no hidden fees or upcharges.

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Personalized End of Life Care

At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, we are able to provide personalized end of life care with the support of hospice care. This gives you the peace of mind that your loved one is cared for.

Our long-term care includes the following

Type of Housing

  • Assisted Living


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