Medicare Health Insurance

Helen Beverly Licensed Sales Agent

Got Medicare? Got Medicaid? Get more benefits.

Is a Dual Special Needs Insurance Plan right for you?

It may be right for you if…

  • You have both Medicaid and Medicare. 
  • You have complex medical needs.
  • You need help to coordinate your care.
  • You’d like extra benefits and features at no extra cost.

It’s not the best for you if…

You qualify for either Medicare or Medicaid, but not both.

Get more benefits, all at no extra cost to you. UnitedHealthcare Dual Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) are designed for people who have both Medicare and Medicaid. These plans typically offer many extra benefits and features beyond Original Medicare and include help to coordinate care and benefits. People who are eligible can get a Dual Special Needs Plan for as low as a $0 plan premium.


Dual Special Needs Plans typically include:

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OTC + Healthy Food

Prepaid card for over-the-counter (OTC) products and covered groceries in-store or online.

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Prescription Drug Coverage

$0 copay on covered generic and brand-name prescriptions including home delivery. Prescription drug coverage is always included in Dual Special Needs Plans.

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Dental Coverage

Receive covered types of preventive and comprehensive dental.1See any dentist in Medicare Advantage’s largest dental network. Up to $1500 for covered types of preventive and comprehensive dental

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Routine Vision Care

$0 copay on yearly routine eye exam and $250 eyewear allowance. Routine eye exams and allowance for eyewear to help protect your eyesight.1

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Routine Hearing Coverage

Routine hearing exam and coverage for a broad selection of hearing aid styles.1

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Routine Transportation

$0 copay for trips to or from approved locations, such as medically related appointments, gyms and pharmacies.1


Medicare Card

$80 a month on a prepaid card for OTC and covered groceries in-store or online

We also sell Medicare Advantage if you have Medicare part A & B for those who do not qualify for DSNP plan. 

Let Helen Beverly help you get set up for all of your Medicare/Medicare insurance needs. As a licensed agent for United Healthcare for DC & MD I can help you figure out what Medicare plan that best fit your health needs and what benefits that are available to you . Call today to find out your options.



Prince George's County, MD, USA