My Active Senior is built for Seniors by Seniors and Senior experts

Grab the caregivers attention that need you

This is where you show off..... Now caregivers and active seniors can see the services you have to offer by providing them with detailed, engaging and real-time information about how you serve them the best.

Technology seniors can use

We removed the intimidation factor for seniors being reluctant to use technology. Our senior-friendly search bar and large category features assists the user to easily find what they are looking for without frustration.

Providing trusted products and services

Our customer review policy allows us to keep quality professionals on our marketplace and help mitigate customer dissatisfaction so we can better serve our user's interest.

Why move from Print to Online advertisement?

The senior industry is one of the last to move from print to online. Say Goodbye to the days of spending majority of your marketing budget on printing flyers, non-searchable resource guides and newspaper ads. Online advertising is here to stay and you do not want to be left behind.

Real-time Advertising on My Active Senior

No more waiting until next month or next year to make changes to your advertising. Whether you have new content and services or a new contact representative, now you can add, remove and update content at your leisure. MAS allows you be current and accurate within minutes! You also have the ability showcase photos, videos, documents, events and respond to reviews!

Stand out in front of the rest

Our technology allows you to stand out from your competition. We understand that their may be others in your category but don't worry, your unique services and features will allow you to show up first in your category.

How do we get you seen?

We pay for digital ads on social media and we invest in Search Engine Optimization. (SEO) When people search for senior services on Google, it is very costly to show up on the first page. We take your dollars and invest in Google Ads and SEO so you can get discovered through our marketplace. So now, when someone searches "Assisted Living" on Google, My Active Senior will display and they can find you directly.

Search Engine Optimization Services- SEO

We offer our vendors SEO services for their own websites. With our SEO services, your business wants to increase its visibility in search results on search engines like Google. Our team will help your personal website gain more online visibility in addition to what we offer through our website. Ask about our SEO services and website development.

Our Promotional Founding Member Plans

No commitment on monthly plans. Annual listing fee of $350.00 to customize your listing on our site. Subscription plans will begin only while you have clients. List with us today!


Rate only while you have clients!


  •   Dashboard
  •   Collect Reviews
  •   Direct Leads
  •   Personalized Storefront
  •   No commitment on monthly plans. Annual listing fee of $350.00 to customize your listing on our site. Subscription plans will begin after we reach 6k users a month or until we get you your first client. List with us today!
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NEW! DIGITAL SIGNAGE in Senior Living Buildings

Starting at $100/month

  •   24 hours Reach of 100+ audience of seniors, caregivers and families
  •   Display eye-catching and engaging ads to capture residents' attention
  •   Easily update and change ads to keep content fresh and relevant
  •   No Commitment
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Housing Referral Commission


  •   Our Commission based Housing Referral plan will allow us to send you housing referrals through our platform. We require a one month referral fee on upon move-in. In addition, we will assess each client to ensure qualified customers.
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