7 Fun Recreational Activities for Senior Citizens: National Senior Games and More

7 Fun Recreational Activities for Senior Citizens: National Senior Games and More

Who said that growing old was a reason to stop having fun? Enjoying ourselves and doing leisurely activities with others is an integral part of living a healthy life.

We know it can be difficult to stay connected with our friends and family as we grow older, which may have a negative influence on our physical health and even mental well-being. At My Active Senior, we want to assist our elders and their families in finding exciting recreational activities for senior citizens in their local communities.

One of the most popular recreational activities for senior citizens that we promote is the National Senior Games. The National Senior Games is a biennial Olympic-style sports festival for men and women aged 50 and over. It is open to all seniors who meet the eligibility requirements, which vary by state.

But don’t worry! You don’t need to be a senior athlete to have fun. We have a selection of specialized senior centers that offer recreational activities for seniors that range from arts and crafts to exciting photography workshops, or interesting day trips. Most of these centers also have a variety of social events, like monthly potluck lunches, where you or your elder relatives can meet new friends and enjoy good food.

Join your local senior community and have a good time! We promise you’ll find new friends and feel healthier overall.

National Senior Games

In 1985 in St. Louis, MO, a group of seven men and women formed the original leadership for what was initially known as the National Senior Olympics Organization (NSOO). The vision: to promote healthy lifestyles for adults through education, fitness, and sport. The first National Senior Games were held in 1987 in St. Louis.

Since then, the National Senior Games has grown to become the largest multi-sport event for seniors in the world. The games are now held every two years in different cities across the United States. This year’s games took place this May in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) but you can already begin training for next year’s event.

And even if you don’t feel like participating in any athletic events, you can still participate in the NSG as a volunteer, helping with the organization.

Write Your Selfie: Capture your unique life history through pictures

Connie Inukai has partnered with My Active Senior as a writing coach to assist seniors in writing their life stories in a fun and creative memory book. Inukai is a retired writing teacher, author, inventor, and caregiver.
During the pandemic, she created Write Your Selfie, a creative writing workshop where seniors are encouraged to capture their legacy and unique life experiences in a beautiful hardcover book for future generations.

With the Write Your Selfie program, you can create your beautiful memory book in as little as six steps and six weeks, but you can work at your own pace. This course is for anyone with a story to tell! Preserve your family memories and history while also taking part in a fantastic memory and writing exercise, great for the mind!

DC Parks & Recreation Senior Activities

DC Parks & Recreation provides a range of social, leisure, and recreational activities for senior citizens that enable them to participate in meaningful activities within their community, while having the opportunity to maintain their independence, meet new people and lead healthier lives.

Recreational activities for senior citizens. Illustration.

Iona’s Wellness & Art Center

Catered to people with memory loss or other chronic conditions, Iona’s Wellness & Art Center provides both resources and a supportive environment for seniors. Their day programs provide tailored recreational activities for senior citizens with therapeutic benefits in mind and other health services.

From support groups to individual counseling and fun activities like a Memory Café, this senior center offers a wide range of healthy socializing alternatives for seniors.

Evelyn Cole Senior Activity Center

Featuring many dedicated spaces like classrooms, a fitness center, and special meeting rooms, Evelyn Cole Senior Activity Center has a lot to offer. They have a wide variety of recreational activities for senior citizens that anyone can enjoy, including arts and crafts, many game sessions (bingo, card and table games), computer classes, crochet, sewing, and knitting workshops, along with interesting day trips and special events.

Amy Lynn Ferris Adult Activity Center

Located in the Washington – Baltimore area, this major Senior Center provides a relaxing environment where senior citizens can socialize and participate in a wide range of group activities, including day trips, education, fitness classes, arts and crafts, holiday events, and a lot of fun and games.

Recreational activities for senior citizens. Illustration.

Wrapping it all up: find the best recreational activities for senior citizens with My Active Senior

It isn’t easy to get out of our comfort zone, especially as we grow older. But trying new things can be so rewarding! We are confident that there’s something for everyone in our selection of recreational activities for senior citizens. And who knows, you might even make some new friends along the way.

My Active Senior is designed to assist seniors and family members in finding trustworthy and carefully screened resources such as local senior services and technology. We can help you find everything from recreational activities for senior citizens, or meal delivery services to classes that teach lifelong skills — all within minutes!

Remember, when it comes to finding the right senior-oriented company for yourself or your loved ones – you are not alone! Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to make your life and your family members’ easier as you research our list of providers.

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