Someone who’ll listen: Why elder care is essential for an active senior living

Someone who’ll listen: Why elder care is essential for an active senior living

Having some company might be the key to healthy aging, and elder care can play a vital role for seniors aging in place.

Humans are emotional beings, and we are built to live in communities. Isolation is a cause for disease and depression, among many other ills, and the senior population is no exception: even more, having company and retaining vital links with family and friends could be the key to aging well and healthy.

This is why elder care is a vital need for seniors who might be increasingly isolated from their families or peers, even if they are physically healthy. According to a recent study conducted with data on nearly 2,200 American adults, having someone who can listen and share experiences with us can improve greatly our mental wellbeing.

The research found that people who were in their 40’s and 50’s who didn’t have someone to listen to them had a mental cognitive age that was four years comparatively older than those who had good listeners in their lives. This is called “cognitive resilience”, and is a measure of the brain’s ability to function better than expected for its age.

And many neurologists believe this mental resilience can be vastly improved through brain-stimulating activities, like physical exercise and positive social interactions. So, even if we are bodily able and otherwise healthy, as we grow old we need caring company more than ever.

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What can elder care provide for seniors who want to age in their own homes?

Most senior adults say they would prefer to age in place as they get older. And while this can help maintain an independent and active senior living, it’s also normal for family members to have some concerns about this situation.

Questions like who will be there to help with basic chores and activities or what will happen if your senior family member feels lonely or isolated can be overwhelming for some families. Here is where elder care, and particularly in-home care services for seniors can be of huge help.

With age come a whole lot of new challenges, and keeping independence and an active lifestyle can be one of the toughest to overcome. Elder care done by professionals with a sense of compromise and compassion can be life-changing for both isolated seniors and their families.

What can exactly these professionals of care provide for our beloved seniors?

  • Basic assistance with everyday chores and activities: An elder care professional can help provide support with daily and routine activities, like cooking, doing laundry, general housekeeping, and any kind of help seniors might need.
  • Respite care and relief for family members: Usually, the ‘first line’ caregivers are the closest family members. Millions of unpaid family caregivers around the country suffer the consequences of stress and burnout after long periods taking care of their elders. Professional elder care provides the opportunity for families to rest and recharge physically and emotionally for as long as needed.
  • Emotional support and companionship: Caregiving isn’t just doing chores and helping out around the house. One of the most important parts of elder care is companionship, and specialized caregivers tend to have a holistic approach to their duties. This is why friendship and emotional support are two of the main pillars of an integral elder care service.

The benefits of companionship and elder care are increasingly backed up by a growing body of scientific research. Proper and professional elder care can help a beloved senior’s life in countless ways. Isolation is common as adults grow older since they tend to get cut off from both friends and family due to illness, work, or simply finding it difficult to move and travel on their own.

This article is about elder care. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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